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CMT Spv3 Release 1 - The Truth and Reconciliati...

Feb 24 2012 11:35 PM | teh lag in Frontpage

(We also have this nice HD gameplay video by Shock120)


Custom Mapping Team, or CMT, is comprised of some of the Halo community's oldest, best, and brightest talent, brought together under the common goal of making the most complete, fresh, and entertaining Halo 1 campaign mod in the game's long and storied history. As the culmination of several years of work and experience, SPv3 is the most comprehensive modification of Halo 1's campaign yet, extensively revising and adding to the core gameplay while almost completely overhauling the visuals and audio.

This first release contains the level "The Truth and Reconciliation," or "a50." Future releases will continue to refine and build upon the groundwork laid here, with new additions and major enhancements retroactively applied after significant milestones. Make sure to regularly check the official forum at http://www.halomods.com/cmt for more information and updates on future releases, along with developer updates and exclusive media!

There are two different maps you can download - which one you want depends on whether or not you plan on installing Open Sauce.

The .map can be played with or without Open Sauce, but is missing several secondary visual and gameplay features that rely on OS scripting and memory boosts.

The .yelo can only be played with Open Sauce, but contains the complete experience. Specifically:

-No Open Sauce/.Map version: Basic mod

-Open Sauce/.Map version: Basic mod, normal mapping, phong lighting, postprocessing effects

-Open Sauce/.Yelo version: Basic mod, normal mapping, phong lighting, postprocessing effects, VISR mode, dynamic Battle Rifle behavior, enhanced CMT Extras menu, assorted easter-eggs

If you have any questions or issues, make sure you read the included CMT Manual file first!


To install:


1. Extract the .map or .yelo from the .rar you downloaded.
2. Place the .map or .yelo in your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder.
3. If using the .yelo, make sure there is no .map with the same filename (in this case, “a50”) inside your Halo Custom Editon\maps folder.
4a. If you have a UI that supports campaign map-loading, just start a new game on The Truth and Reconciliation. (If you do not have one, the halomaps.org archive has several for you to choose from: http://hce.halomaps....cfm?pg=1&sid=26)
4b. If you do not have a UI that supports the campaign or otherwise cannot load the map from the main menu, launch the game with the console enabled, type in "map_name a50", and hit Enter.

To uninstall, simply remove the .map or .yelo from your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder.

The latest Open Sauce installer can be found off the OS Google Code Page. We highly recommend you install OS - the process incredibly simple and non-intrusive, and the benefits are immense. The only requirement is that you update a properly installed copy of Halo Custom Edition (this means you're not using a No-CD crack!!!) to 1.09, you don't have any other .dll-hook based addons to the game running, and do not use XFire while you are playing the game (seriously, even having the XFire process running can make Open Sauce crash, so make sure that you’ve completely ended the program!)




Just a quick update: We're now up on Halomaps! These maps have a few minor updates (the MediaFire versions have also been updated); namely:

-Bushes no longer pop in/out of view at weird angles
-Destroying dropship's turret no longer makes its doors open
-Fixed a stray vertex on the Chief's arm
-Tweaked a few easter-egg things in the .yelo version
-Gave BR an extra magazine of ammuniton

We've also released the passwords to un-protect these maps for tag extraction! Go here for more information.

.Map version (Backwards compatible)
[Mediafire mirror] [Halomaps.org mirror]

.Yelo version (Requires Open Sauce)
[Mediafire mirror] [Halomaps.org mirror]

Again, if you're downloading the .yelo, make sure you DO NOT have an a50.map file inside your HCE/maps folder, make sure Open Sauce is installed on HCE version 1.09 and make sure you do not have an XFire process running!



CMT SPv3 Team Members:
Teh Lag - Team Leader and HCE polymath
Masterz1337 - Co-Lead, gameplay balance, and encounter design
Ifafudafi - Co-Lead, gameplay balance, and effects

Arteen - Encounter & level design
Boba – Concept, 3D & texture art
BobtheGreatII - 3D art
ChokingVictim - Programming
Conscars - 2D art
Dano - 3D & texture art
Flyinrooster/Roostervier - 3D art
H3freak - HUD design
Kirby422 - Scripting, encounter & level design
NuggetWarmer - 3D art
ODX – Animation
Shadowspartan - Programming & Tools; Tag references
Siliconmaster – Lighting
SlappyThePirate – 3D art
Warsaw – Gameplay balance
Xalener - Sound design

Additional Contributors:
CtrlAltDestroy – Tag references
Hunter/MartynLeeBall – 3D art (Shotgun high-poly model; publicly released on Halomaps.org)
Neodos – Concept & 3D art
NeurologicalDisorder – 3D art (Warthog model; not present in this release)
Sin0w - Scripting, encounter & level design
Yoko/Mendicant Bias – 2D & 3D art

Kornner Studios & the Open-Sauce people:
Kornman00, TheFieryScythe, Choking Victim and Shadowspartan

We also would like to credit the people at Bungie Studios (past and present) for Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST and Reach, upon whom our mod relies so heavily!


Testing & Feedback:
Reaper Man


Lastly, we would also like to re-credit those who were credited for SPv2, as this project draws on their hard work even if they were not active CMT members for SPv3:

Teh Lag

Il Duce Primo
P0lar Bear
Scooby Doo
Wave of Lag

-Choking Victim


As always, an enourmous debt of gratitude is owed to Bungie, Microsoft and especially Gearbox Software for allowing this community exist, thrive and continue to do what we love for a game we love. Thanks for letting us stay around and thanks for giving us the tools to do this!

We also owe our friends at Modacity.net and Halomaps.org for being great platforms for this humble community to stand on.

The “Halo” franchise and all related IP is © 2001-2012 Microsoft Corporation/343 Industries.


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Discuss it in the CMT forums here!
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HaloCE - OpenSauce - V3 Released

Jan 18 2012 05:00 AM | kornman00 in Frontpage
Before we begin, let me start by giving you a quick tease of what OpenSauce has to offer (courtesy of the CMT guys and especially Ifafudafi)

^Annotations are cutoff in the embedded view^
Best viewed in HD

If you're still reading, I assume I have your continued attention. Let's see if I can keep it until the end!

First things first, what is OpenSauce (abbreviated as OS)? OS is an open source project aimed at extending and interfacing with the Halo games and their data. What does that mean for HaloCE (ie, Custom Edition, the only true "CE", that Combat Evolved marketing bullshit can GTFO)? For HaloCE we've made DLLs which contain custom code which is hooked into the engine code in both the runtime (ie, haloce.exe or haloceded.exe) and the various Halo Editing Kit programs (eg, tool.exe). The custom code in these DLLs is how we extend the functionality of this 10+ year old engine.

These engine extensions benefit developers, modders, and gamers alike. If you're a code developer, we're open source so you continue the practice of extending the engine. If you're a modder, we've added additional features to the engine which you can take advantage of in the HEK. If you're a gamer, not only do you get to play the content the former two produce, but you also get some settings of your own to tinker around with via our in-game menus.

What kind of extensions exactly? Well as you saw in the teaser video, we've built on the engine's existing rendering code to allow normal mapping and phong-based specular highlighting on dynamic objects. Beforehand, you could only apply normal mapping to static world geometry and game had no support for phong highlighting at all. Additional GFX enhancements include things like postprocess shaders. Such shader enhancements are how CMT does their VISR mode in their upcoming SPv3 release of Truth & Reconciliation. P.S. you can thank TheFieryScythe for most of the GFX enhancements, plus some behind-the-scenes systems. Sure made my life easier!

Prepare to Normal Map!

I can't believe it's not VISOR!

The game enhancements don't stop at the GFX layer either. We've worked to expose new script functions/globals and tag groups to help make campaign and multiplayer maps that much more tweakable by modders. With the new script functions and globals you can do things like tweak the game's gravity. Modders aren't the only ones who can take advantage of some of these script functions. Eg, anyone can activate the in-game console and type in "physics_set_gravity 0.5", and the current game will have half the normal gravity! Sure, you could turn on cheat_super_jump, but that only makes you jump higher. It doesn't make objects stay in the air or go farther when pushed, etc. If I wasn't so tied of mucking with this engine, I myself could probably spend a couple of days re-playing the campaign with various different gravity settings!
Note: for those of you who do try to do this, some parts of the campaign won't work. Eg, you know how a pelican flies in and drops troops off in T&R's hanger? Well Bungie did this using their "recorded animation" system. This basically plays back control input (moving, looking, jumping, etc). So changes in gravity will greatly affect how the "recorded animations" play back.

I could go on, but you're better off checking out the various documentation entries we have for Halo1 in our project's wiki. If you're just a casual HaloCE gamer, you're best off checking out the Getting Started and User Settings entries. Please note that our documentation is continuously being updated based on user feedback and questions. The best way to comment on our wiki articles is to use the comment box found at the bottom of each article.

All bug reports should be posted to our Issues page. If posted anywhere else, they will be ignored and/or deleted. If you really want us to fix our shit, fill out an issue slip. OS is only supported on v1.09 of HaloCE.

Note: We're not taking feature requests. We will only take bug reports which, again, must be submitted via the projects Issues system. All other comments can be posted to this article, or in the OpenSauce for HaloCE thread here on Halomods.

Also note: Installing OS doesn't "automatically make HaloCE look different/better/awesome". It's up to modders to use the GFX enhancements provided by the OS HEK in their maps. This doesn't change or update any existing maps or their looks. Bloodgulch will continue to look like mofo'ing Bloodgulch. Don't like Bloodgulch? Mod it with the HEK and us OS to apply the wanted GFX enhancements. Effort? Yes little Timmy, in order to get anywhere in life someone has to put forth some effort. User Effort isn't included with the OS installer, so you're on your own.

Further announcements for V3, including patches, will be posted in the OpenSauce for HaloCE thread here on Halomods.

OpenSauce for Halo1_CE is developed by Kornner Studios, with code contributions from ChokingVictim. Special thanks to CMT for internal testing efforts. Extra special thanks to Bungie (esp. 'ROGR') for putting up with Halo game after Halo game for over 10 years.

Download OpenSauce for HaloCE Now!
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Halomods: Recalibrating Firing Vector

May 16 2011 09:10 PM | kornman00 in Articles
So here we are, a little over a week since we opened the doors to the community to hear what you all had to say. After some gripes, name calling, and a few headaches, we're slowly on our way to getting Halomods up to 2.0.

What's still left to do? Well, why don't you roll up onto the side walk and take a look?

  • Downloads - We're still hammering out the details on how we want the downloads manger to run and what restrictions we'll be applying to user submissions. We should have this sorted out by the end of the month.
  • Library Of Modness - When I'm not actively participating in Open Sauce or other engineering projects, I'm developing some informational related goodies that I hope to soon put out to the masses over the coming weeks and months. These include Vidocs, "white papers" and various example source code. The idea of the Library of Modness (part play on Congress, part play on madness) is to provide quality technical rundowns of the various games to accommodate the more serious modders or other interested parties.
  • Halomods Wiki - Yeah, I'm really anal about this subject. If you're fluid with wikis and wiki article development, give me a shout out.
  • Halomods 1.0 Archive - Recently, with the help of zone117x and DreamHost, I was able to get the old "Halomods Classic" (or just HMC) forums restored. We're still working out some minor details, but we currently have all the forums and files (took about 20hrs nonstop to upload 11GBs of files) restored. We're working to make sure the restore didn't introduce any problems and also that it's properly "read-only". After all, it's only suppose to be for reference. zone117x also was kind enough to write up some quick php scripts so that all those old forum links will properly redirect to where we're putting up the archive.
  • Halomods News - We're wanting to create a crack team/group of individuals who can step up to the plate to orchestrate both weekly news and also what we're currently referring to as "Event of the Month" (subject to change). EotM would basically be the time where we setup voting and such for quality mods, applications and other content as we see fit. Weekly news would be like our own community's "Weekly Update", where we highlight current developments or progress reports of teams in the community. Our Content Developers (ie, news staff) would consist of multiple people so we always have people looking for things to include in the updates and in the EotM.

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Halomods: Fire for Effect

May 02 2011 08:44 AM | kornman00 in Articles
In Feb 2010 (or around that time at least), halomods.com, then spear headed by a fella who goes by SourceGuy, shutdown operations. Completely. The index was replaced by plain-old-text basically saying that SourceGuy was closing up shop and anyone wishing to take over the helm of the site to email him and discuss the plans. Well, multiple people (that I know of) contacted SG, but obviously the site was never handed over in the few months after the site was dry docked (I've heard a couple of reasons for this, majority of which were related to $).

I was one of the people who contacted SG on the matter of getting halomods up and running again. However, it wasn't until November of last year that I received any replies back. After exchanging a few emails, we worked out a price tag and started the transfer process (something which took MUCH longer than it should have, thanks to hosting service B.S.). I finally found myself given the chance to relaunch a community hub, after seeing so many others get tossed around like an itty bitty boat, in an ocean full of tough sea motion. I then set off to gather some members in the community that I knew to have a record of getting stuff done to help me get the new Halomods ship sea-ready

I started off with a handful of people who were excited to work on getting a new Halomods out of purgatory and sailing again. We spent about a month and a half in early preproduction deciding on some very core aspects and ideas that we thought we needed to address and what it exactly the Halomods site should entail. Most of us had already come to know how big (BIGGGGG!) of a failboat vBulletin was sailing, so we ended up setting our sights on Invision Power's suite of web software. Couple hundred dollars later, we were rolling in a pretty awesome set of tools that gave us a forum, CMS, downloads and a couple interesting add-ons that will tweak the Halomods community experience.

Well here we are, a couple of months after we got the new hub prepped, then later, setup. We're not nearly at the stage where we want to be at, but we didn't want to leave the doors closed while we worked on getting to a workable setup. We're hoping to get the community going again, and also bring aboard some helpful staff to make the site the best it can be. We're currently down to a two person team (myself and teh_lag), as some natural disasters, personal life and injuries have set back some help we picked up in preproduction.

What is the direction we're taking the new Halomods? First and foremost, we're wanting to be a community oriented site. While the community can make requests or suggestions for the general site, we the owner/staff will ultimately make the final calls. At present, we're wanting to provide a clean environment (trolls can just get the hell out now), with solid content.

Second, as the hoster and primary maintainer of the site, I'm wanting to enforce higher standards when it comes to content, especially with community developed applications. Programs demand greater attention than things like maps and tags, due to the fact that they're built from the ground up; you're not just taking some assets and putting them into a AAA game engine. So while we'll be rolling out mod-related file hosting as the times go on, we'll be very specific in what we host. Anyone who's been in the modding community for a minute has seen the "noobish" game mods like changing a bitmap or shader reference so a grunt now looks purple. These simple mods may be cool, but they're nothing to go and host a 20MB+ map file for. File patches, maybe, but more so these people should be writing about the "hows": how they did it, how others can do it, and how these abilities can be used elsewhere in the realm of modding. Which leads me to my next "direction" point.

Third, "we, the community". I'm fed up with seeing people hold back on shit, or just taunting others with what they "can do". We're a community with no direct developer support, especially when it comes to the "black market" mods (ie, anything done outside of the Halo Editing Kit). Due to this, we have to work together in order to progress as a whole and keep ourselves "alive". An organism isn't dead until the last living cell dies out, and the same goes for an online community.

So here we are, firing our main cannons and seeing where or first shot lands. Obviously we still have some "telemetry" to work on, but like say, we're just two guys, one site, at the moment. So, come register, hit up the User Lounge, introduce yourself, voice your idea, help make this place the best it can be, and maybe even join us in a staff position.
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