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May 02 2011 08:44 AM | kornman00  in Articles

In Feb 2010 (or around that time at least), halomods.com, then spear headed by a fella who goes by SourceGuy, shutdown operations. Completely. The index was replaced by plain-old-text basically saying that SourceGuy was closing up shop and anyone wishing to take over the helm of the site to email him and discuss the plans. Well, multiple people (that I know of) contacted SG, but obviously the site was never handed over in the few months after the site was dry docked (I've heard a couple of reasons for this, majority of which were related to $).

I was one of the people who contacted SG on the matter of getting halomods up and running again. However, it wasn't until November of last year that I received any replies back. After exchanging a few emails, we worked out a price tag and started the transfer process (something which took MUCH longer than it should have, thanks to hosting service B.S.). I finally found myself given the chance to relaunch a community hub, after seeing so many others get tossed around like an itty bitty boat, in an ocean full of tough sea motion. I then set off to gather some members in the community that I knew to have a record of getting stuff done to help me get the new Halomods ship sea-ready

I started off with a handful of people who were excited to work on getting a new Halomods out of purgatory and sailing again. We spent about a month and a half in early preproduction deciding on some very core aspects and ideas that we thought we needed to address and what it exactly the Halomods site should entail. Most of us had already come to know how big (BIGGGGG!) of a failboat vBulletin was sailing, so we ended up setting our sights on Invision Power's suite of web software. Couple hundred dollars later, we were rolling in a pretty awesome set of tools that gave us a forum, CMS, downloads and a couple interesting add-ons that will tweak the Halomods community experience.

Well here we are, a couple of months after we got the new hub prepped, then later, setup. We're not nearly at the stage where we want to be at, but we didn't want to leave the doors closed while we worked on getting to a workable setup. We're hoping to get the community going again, and also bring aboard some helpful staff to make the site the best it can be. We're currently down to a two person team (myself and teh_lag), as some natural disasters, personal life and injuries have set back some help we picked up in preproduction.

What is the direction we're taking the new Halomods? First and foremost, we're wanting to be a community oriented site. While the community can make requests or suggestions for the general site, we the owner/staff will ultimately make the final calls. At present, we're wanting to provide a clean environment (trolls can just get the hell out now), with solid content.

Second, as the hoster and primary maintainer of the site, I'm wanting to enforce higher standards when it comes to content, especially with community developed applications. Programs demand greater attention than things like maps and tags, due to the fact that they're built from the ground up; you're not just taking some assets and putting them into a AAA game engine. So while we'll be rolling out mod-related file hosting as the times go on, we'll be very specific in what we host. Anyone who's been in the modding community for a minute has seen the "noobish" game mods like changing a bitmap or shader reference so a grunt now looks purple. These simple mods may be cool, but they're nothing to go and host a 20MB+ map file for. File patches, maybe, but more so these people should be writing about the "hows": how they did it, how others can do it, and how these abilities can be used elsewhere in the realm of modding. Which leads me to my next "direction" point.

Third, "we, the community". I'm fed up with seeing people hold back on shit, or just taunting others with what they "can do". We're a community with no direct developer support, especially when it comes to the "black market" mods (ie, anything done outside of the Halo Editing Kit). Due to this, we have to work together in order to progress as a whole and keep ourselves "alive". An organism isn't dead until the last living cell dies out, and the same goes for an online community.

So here we are, firing our main cannons and seeing where or first shot lands. Obviously we still have some "telemetry" to work on, but like say, we're just two guys, one site, at the moment. So, come register, hit up the User Lounge, introduce yourself, voice your idea, help make this place the best it can be, and maybe even join us in a staff position.


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05 May 2011 - 07:14 PM
It's kind of a shame that the continuation of halomods.com was dependant upon a monetary value! I guess that is why SourceGuy stop replying to my emails, ha. But hey-ho at the least this marks a positive step forward for the community, so far everything looks great.

I'm quite proficient these days with most aspects of web development / server management etc so if you need any custom addons, themes or tweaks just get in contact I would gladly give some of my free time to help you guys out. I know how frustrating it can be to customise the smallest of things or trying to implement functionality that's quite unique, that's why I tried to initially role my own >_<


05 May 2011 - 10:20 PM
Thanks Snave,

I (and I think a few others) was worried how the old schoolers would feel of the new look and web software. I know that there are a lot of people who don't like change, but phpBB3 just doesn't offer any of the needs that a community like Halo modding needs. Yeah, buying the site from SG was a pretty big hit in my pocket book (then there was the costs for hosting and web software) but I'm just glad it's finally done with and we can all move on and get things done.

I'll touch base with you in a PM, but yeah, web developer support would be awesome. It'd be nice to tweak the site's software in ways which are unique to our community!
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