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Halomods: Recalibrating Firing Vector -----

May 16 2011 09:10 PM | kornman00  in Articles

So here we are, a little over a week since we opened the doors to the community to hear what you all had to say. After some gripes, name calling, and a few headaches, we're slowly on our way to getting Halomods up to 2.0.

What's still left to do? Well, why don't you roll up onto the side walk and take a look?

  • Downloads - We're still hammering out the details on how we want the downloads manger to run and what restrictions we'll be applying to user submissions. We should have this sorted out by the end of the month.
  • Library Of Modness - When I'm not actively participating in Open Sauce or other engineering projects, I'm developing some informational related goodies that I hope to soon put out to the masses over the coming weeks and months. These include Vidocs, "white papers" and various example source code. The idea of the Library of Modness (part play on Congress, part play on madness) is to provide quality technical rundowns of the various games to accommodate the more serious modders or other interested parties.
  • Halomods Wiki - Yeah, I'm really anal about this subject. If you're fluid with wikis and wiki article development, give me a shout out.
  • Halomods 1.0 Archive - Recently, with the help of zone117x and DreamHost, I was able to get the old "Halomods Classic" (or just HMC) forums restored. We're still working out some minor details, but we currently have all the forums and files (took about 20hrs nonstop to upload 11GBs of files) restored. We're working to make sure the restore didn't introduce any problems and also that it's properly "read-only". After all, it's only suppose to be for reference. zone117x also was kind enough to write up some quick php scripts so that all those old forum links will properly redirect to where we're putting up the archive.
  • Halomods News - We're wanting to create a crack team/group of individuals who can step up to the plate to orchestrate both weekly news and also what we're currently referring to as "Event of the Month" (subject to change). EotM would basically be the time where we setup voting and such for quality mods, applications and other content as we see fit. Weekly news would be like our own community's "Weekly Update", where we highlight current developments or progress reports of teams in the community. Our Content Developers (ie, news staff) would consist of multiple people so we always have people looking for things to include in the updates and in the EotM.


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