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Hr3shy's Wasted Time

for real i should use it on other bs

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Posted 17 May 2011 - 10:29 AM

photoshop lulz
Posted Image
Posted Image

a terribly modeled reach magnum
Posted Image

random island
Posted Image

random hang em high remake i never got around to finishing. Silent Warrior applyed textures and unwraped and did a bit of the modeling. most of this abomination is my work though
Posted Image

and cause i dont have an instrumental to record this and post it to enjoy reading bitches

exsisions seek life inevitably possesing a knife
stab your self to death the dead walk in flesh smoking meth
removal of blood through the neck and hung over to dry
get dismemberd then disposed of who remembers that guy
rejected people left infected by needles with AID's
without an aid these necro's fade theyre sexual transmited prey
suicidals die each day a sublime blade saves the slaves
doors close and windows open its your only escape
a blazing inferno burns internal the days nocturnal
hidden journals bleed you entrails while you die from chemtrails
come join one of Death's tales with the soilders who set sail
death row without bail corpse galore their limbs flail
cop killers to terrorists we idolize the careless
nevertheless theres still canibles ripping food outta ya chest
its became an art so whose the best enjoy your death or pay the debt
my personal favorite is the nicotine we crave in ciggaretes
its ironic how you pay for it plus its legal so go indulge
the preconsumed knowledge youll get cancer and die has gone null
X becomes the fasination sexual exficiation
join our fucked up nations we got satanist free masons
free baseing while you waste away on Main and Hastings
cought in materilism between orgasms what a fucked up organism
the morgue's within him although englufed by cynicism
we die for wisdom walk the astral plane explore what isnt

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Posted 17 May 2011 - 11:20 AM

Hershey®, why did you waste your time?

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Posted 22 May 2011 - 10:17 AM

lack of better things to do :D
anyway...on another note!! a new song

Dismal (Prod. Sacred Age)

lyrics (btw i dont have a decent microphone)

extreme awarness of surounding areas in my radius
im curious, full of rage and hate, gone delirious
experience grants the wisdom gained threw mysterious
clearings of this surface of injurious wasted shit
obtained deleterious intentions tossed out furious
cyphers engaging in making a mixtape with conspiricists
up the volume settings setting this place in flames, whos ready
already we aint steady, spit tears threw your speakers with machetes
its always been a mystery, New World Orders a new history
illuminati blasphemy, reptilian/human synergy
free mason victorys inflicting another injury
its common trickery, goverment conver ups are still lingering
phy ops and false flags, fuck up you get sprayed
rolling up a zig zag with weed from the CIA
elohim, aliens, zetas and reptilians
abucting civilians keeping up surveillance

its become a slaughter house, i think we chose the darkest route
spawn on earth, clear all the doubt weither im with you or without
im bout to choose a track, spit automatic like a mac
the contents never wack, disagree and you might get wacked
get attacked by a pack of sociopaths like hungry cats
cause we starving cats fiending for cash cause ours been jacked
run up in a crack shack with guns drawn, aint want no smack
the goverments plan's to spend our lifes on war for Cadillacs
they profit off our deaths, we buy their weapons, script and meth
we became their pets, they snap our neck then cause more debt
chemtrails polute our breath, what could be next? alien tech!
project blue beam will wreck whats left of earth, have no regrets
eject the fluid from the needle, inject and then infect
they never rest, cancerous breasts, vacines, misdirect
advanced like star trek, disecting alien subjects
shape shifting reptoids that have the darkest intrests

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