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Adding alternate variants in the Forge Menu subdirectories

Adding sub-directories to a Forge list item, Variant example.

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 06:06 PM

I will be making the Falcon have 3 variants in the Forge list, as an exaple.

Step 1
  • First, head over to the SCNR tag.
  • Scroll down to the Sandbox section.
  • Select block 9, which is the building block section.
  • Copy the Offset of the Class 2 section.

Posted Image
Step 2
  • Select Sandbox block 3, Vehicles
  • Select Class block 1, Falcon
  • Paste the Offset you copied earlier over the Offset in Class 2.
  • Change the Block Count to 3.
  • Copy the float value of the Falcon's Name. (if you have this as a string, remember the number)
  • Hit save, to the right of the Offset.

Posted Image

Now we are adding in the Falcon variants.
Step 3
  • Change the Name to what you copied or remembered in the last step.
  • Swap the Object with the Falcon in the VEHI tag.

Posted Image

  • Open a new Tab (Right click *map name*.scnr at the top, and select 'Create New Tab')
  • Open up the Falcon tag in the HLMT
  • Under Variants, copy the Name of the variant you wish to spawn, in this case we will start with variant 0.

Posted Image

  • Go back to the SCNR tag you have open.
  • Go to Variant, and paste the Name you copied into the box. (If the previous Name was a string value, you will need to have this Variant Name be a string as well)
  • Hit Save, at the bottom of the program

Posted Image

  • Repeat Step 3 for each Class 2 block, and use a different HLMT variant each time. I will use variant 2, and variant 1.

Posted Image

Now when you select Falcon from the Forge Menu, it will show you three options to choose from, each spawning a different Falcon Variant.

Posted Image


Plugin codes if you don't have what I used:

Ascension Map Patch with the Falcon and the Shade having sub-sections. Use it for reference or whatever if you need to.

Sorry if it seems like there are too many simple steps that could have been explained in bulk, I figured more steps was better in case of confusion. This really isn't that hard to figure out, but I had a request for a tutorial and ended up posting it here.

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