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Site Guidelines

last updated 2011/09/30

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Posted 06 May 2011 - 03:13 PM

List of supported BBcodes.

As with any online forum, we have some rules you must (these aren't suggestions, abide by them or die) follow. The following are No-Nos.

  • Illegible/Obnoxious posts: If you can't take the time to post in reasonably coherent English and add some maturity to your post, we won't bother to host your post. The forum isn't going anywhere, take your time and maybe even hit the Preview button.
    Penalty: +1 warning point for repeat offenders.

  • Spam (Minor): "first post", dumb image macros, and the like. Useless poop that just bothers people.
    Penalty: +1 point for repeat offenders.

  • Spam (Destructive): Goatse and the like.
    Penalty: +1 point on first offense; +2 for subsequent offenses.

  • Spam (Advertising): Naturally, a community covering all Halo games would be quite broad and attract many people who have things to share. However, we will ask that you refrain from doing so outside of the Community (aka "User Lounge") section; moreover we will ask that you not advertise for things that are not clearly Halo-related until you have distinguished yourself on the rest of the site.

    A special related note: This site doesn't support Buying/Selling/Trading threads. Please take such business elsewhere, as there are plenty of other sites around far better-suited for it. If you have something specifically related to Halo or Halo modding that you really want people here to see, run it by the staff first before posting; we'll let you know if it's okay. Non-Halo B/S/T threads will be removed on sight; Halo-related B/S/T will at the very least be temporarily hidden so that the staff can talk it over.

    Penalty: If you're just here to advertise we'll kick you out.

  • Flames, Flame-bait & Aggression: Don't get mad at people; don't try to get people mad, or anything else that qualifies as "trolling". Everyone play nice.
    Penalty: +1 point on first offense; 2 points for subsequent offenses.

  • Piracy/illegal content: Being a modding site we of course will walk a few gray areas. That said, linking to or posting keygens, cracks, serials, copyrighted software, games, movies and so forth will not be tolerated and will result in instant suspension at the very least.
    Penalty: Staff's discretion, and possibly reporting you and your IP to the copyright holds and your ISP.

  • Alt accounts: You are a single human being. You are allowed one account allocation. Even if you have different personalities in the noggin, you may still only have one account.
    Penalty: Staff's discretion

Offending posts will be deleted/edited on sight at staff's discretion. Additionally, users who prove to be consistent annoyances (or worse) and get Warning Points will be subject to the following degrees of ban:

  • Time-out: 1 to 3 days off the forums for people who need to cool down or re-think their attitudes. Given any time a user accumulates 1 Warning Point.

  • Detention: 1 week to 1 month off the forums. Given to people when a time-out isn't enough; happens when a user accumulates at least 2 Warning Points.

  • Suspension: 1 month to 1 year off the forums. Given to people who are repeatedly negatively affecting the well-being of the community. More than 5 points and this happens to you.

  • Expulsion: Out for a year or more. You get this if you mess up big time (10 points).

Also, members who don't validate their accounts after 10 days will automatically have their account purged or banned (as we'll assume you're a spam bot)

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