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Zoom + Scope on any weapon

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Posted 06 May 2011 - 04:20 PM

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Zoom on any weapon - with scope.

Download this map file. It contains a tag which you will need to complete this. Before following this tutorial, you must know how to PMI.

  • Open up the carousel map provided in eschaton.
  • Go down to the weapon hud interface tag family, click [+] and select 'ui\hud\master zoom'.
  • Go to the top of eschaton, hit map and then recursively extract tag.
  • Once that is done, open and expand the map of your choice.
  • When the map has finished expanding, hit import tag (make sure do not import duplicates is ticked).
  • Once the tag is been imported, hit rebuild and save.
  • When the map has finished rebuilding, open the map you choose as you would normally would.
  • Go down to the weapon tag family and select the weapon of you choice, open the reference swapper.
  • Click on wphi and swap it to 'ui\hud\master zoom'. Once you have done that, double click 'ui\hud\master zoom'.
  • When it has loaded that weapon hud interface, select the reference swapper again.
  • Now swap the nulled out wphi to 'weapon\yourchosenweapon\yourchosenweapon'.
  • Go back to the weapon tag family, and select your weapon again.
  • Click on the reference swapper and change WPHI 'weapon\yourchosenweapon\yourchosenweapon' to 'ui\hud\master zoom' and then return to the main weapon tag page.
  • In the 'int16s' section of the weapon tag, look for magnification levels. Edit the value depending on how many times you wish to zoom (2 is the final value where there will actually be any change. For short range weapons, you should do 1) and hit enter.
  • Now go up in until you find 'floats' in the same tag. Look for magnification range (from and to). Change the values for 'From' and 'To', then hit enter.

Side notes:
'From' is the first level of zoom, 'to' is the last level of zoom (there is only 2 real levels of zooming, anything after that is pointless).
To use the sniper scope, go to 'ui\hud\master zoom' and click on the reference swapper.
In the reference swapper, swap 'ui\hud\bitmaps\pistol\pistol_scope_mask' to 'ui\hud\bitmaps\sniper\sniper_scope_mask2'.

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