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How to mod Stubbs the Zombie on Xbox 360 (RETAIL)

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Posted 07 August 2011 - 09:02 PM

For those that have played Stubbs the Zombie on the Xbox, did you know its mod-able...... on Xbox 360? Well it is, it works for the disk AND download-able version.

And guess what else, since Stubbs the Zombie runs on the same engine as Halo 1, you can use Halo Map Tools, a Halo PC modding tool to mod the game.

And i also want to give the credit to gamecheat for finding this out, i waited for him to try and it out and tell me if it worked and sure enough, it did!

Things you'll need

- Transfer Cable or Xsata
- Modio
- Halo Map Tools

1. Ok, so first of all what your going to want to do is on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to System Settings and go to Memory and hit Y on your hard drive and go to Clear System Cache and boot up Stubbs.

2. Go ahead and choose a level to mod and once its loaded and your playing, hit start, and go to Save and Quit and turn off your xbox and connect your hard drive to your pc.

(You can also mod 2 levels at a time, just choose a level and go to Save and Quit and then choose another and do the same thing and then turn off your xbox and connect hard drive to pc)

3. Ok, now you will need Modio (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=42GNSF2M) and once you have that, open modio and click Explore my Device and after its loaded you should see 3 folders at the top called Xbox 0, Xbox 1 and Xbox 2. Now click directly on the Xbox 0 folder, don't expand it.

4. And then you should see alot of cache files, cache000 is your level that you chosen to mod, and if you chosen 2 levels to mod then it will be cache000 and cache001 (and cache002 is the main menu) now, extract the cache file(s) to where ever.

5. Now here's the fun part, modding! download Halo Map Tools (http://www.gamefront.com/files/5185776) and just open your cache file in it and do whatever, you can do projectile mods, biped swaps, inf ammo and a bunch of stuff, just explore!

6. Once your done, just import your cache file back into Modio and replace the other cache file(s) and then connect your hard drive back to your xbox and boot up stubbs and load the level(s) that you modded!

Also, if you want to erase the mod and start over, just play some random xbox 360 game and it will ask you to update so you can play on xbox live, and when it asks you, Download the update and it will erase all of your mods.

This is pretty much also the same way you mod Halo 1 on an Xbox 360 as well. Anyways, hope this helped you!

Here's an example video made by gamecheat: http://www.youtube.c...k&feature=feedu

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 12:19 PM

I used Dothalo to mod this game years ago, it can extract/inject models.
I never tried HMT, also after the maps are decompressed you can use Entity's bsp viewer to view the bsp.

I was going to convert the futureistic city map to halo2 years ago, but i never finished it.

Thanx for bringing back the memories :)

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