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[DATA+TAGS] Kills Alone's Custom Weapons Pack V2

Over 50 new weapons for Halo 2 Vista

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Posted 19 October 2011 - 10:11 PM

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Posted Image presents

[DATA+TAGS] Kills Alone's Custom Weapons Pack

Version 2.0

Intended for use with Halo 2 Vista

Released on October 18th, 2011

(V1 released on August 19th, 2010)

My entire collection of custom weapons and vehicles (the custom vehicles require the Main Menu Patch).


Many new weapons have been included since last years release.

Most previously prototype level weapons have progressed to a playable and balanced state.

The weapons have received consistent play-testing and balancing.

Many authentic models are now included finally replacing their old place-holders, weapons such as the
Spartan Laser and the Missile Pod look better and play better.

Accuracy has also been tuned on the weapons that live or die on precision.

Charging and overheating/recharging feedback through the HUD has been improved for many weapons.

New HUDs have been created for most of the prominent Halo 3 weapons and the equipment.

Speaking of equipment, the equipment will now drop when used as always intended, thus a player is now
allowed to carry two weapons and some form of equipment.

The vehicles have remained mostly untouched. I have made some steps further into active and animated scenery
making use of various vehicle models and types. One method I use replaces a bullet model with a Jet or other
type of model that would be expected to fly/be propelled forward.

There are also some scripts included which could be used for movable scenery that in some ways mimics AI,
along with many other scripts such as random mortars, cinematic controls, gravity manipulation and so on.

Most of the the custom vehicles and all of the new HUDs require the MainMenu Mod:

They may also be used with the D3D9.DLL Mod:


DATA - 7Zip format executable archive
422MBs split between five files compressed (1.27GBs extracted)

100MBs compressed

100MBs compressed

100MBs compressed

100MBs compressed

22MBs compressed

TAGS - 7Zip format executable archive

~120MBs compressed (~657MBs extracted)

Installation: Place the extracted contents of this archive under your Halo 2 Editing Kit's root directory.
Agree to overwrite any files when requested.




Reach Magnum M6G

H3 Assault Rifle MA5C
H3 Assault Rifle MA5C Custom HUD
H3 CMT Brute Spiker
H3 CMT Brute Spiker Custom HUD
H3 Magnum M6G
H3 Missile Pod
H3 Missile Pod Custom HUD
H3 H3MT Brute Mauler
H3 Spartan Laser
H3 Spartan Laser Custom HUD

ODST Magnum-Socom M6C
ODST SMG Silenced M7S (unfinished)

H2 Battle Rifle Grenade (only supports gamepad)
H2 Battle Rifle Torch
H2 Battle Rifle XBR55
H2 Covenant Carbine Extended Clip
H2 Covenant Carbine Reaper
H2 Chaingun Mobile
H2 Chaingun Mobile Custom HUD
H2 Gaussgun Mobile
H2 Gravity Gun (broken\unfinished)
H2 GT (broken\unfinished)
H2 Missile Pod (unfinished)
H2 Needle Rifle
H2 Plasma Shot
H2 Plasma Turret Mobile aka Plasma Cannon
H2 Recon Rifle
H2 Recon Rifle Blue
H2 Recon Rifle Red
H2 Scarab Gun (prototype)
H2 Sentinel Beam (restored)
H2 Sentinel Beam Major (unfinished)
H2 Shotgun Torch
H2 SMG Silenced Fixed (really fixed + slightly balanced)
H2 SMG Silenced Torch
H2 SMG Torch
H2 Sniper NoScope
H2 Spartan Laser
H2 Target Locator

H1 Assault Rifle MA5B
H1 Assault Rifle MA5B Rusty
H1 Flamethrower
H1 Flamethrower Custom HUD
H1 Pistol M6D
H1 Pistol M6D "Black"


H3 Gravity Hammer
H3 Gravity Hammer Custom HUD

H2 Energy Blade Dual (broken\unfinished)
H2 Energy Blade Purple
H2 Energy Blade Red
H2 Flag Blue
H2 Flag Red
H2 Gravity Hammer
H2 Jackal Shield (broken\unfinished)
H2 Plasma Saw (broken\unfinished)
H2 Sangheili Honor Guardsman Pike
H2 Skull

2x4 Wooden Plank

HL2 Crowbar


Bubble Shield
Bubble Shield Single Use
Bubble Shield Single Use Custom HUD
Gravity Lift
Gravity Lift Single Use
Gravity Lift Single Use Custom HUD
Power Drain (broken\unfinished)
Trip Mine (broken\unfinished)


Empty Handed
Flare Gun (broken\unfinished)
Masterchief Gun


H3 Hornet
H3 Hornet Snow
H3 Mongoose (broken\unfinished)
H3 Mongoose Snow (broken\unfinished)

H2 Banshee Damaged
H2 Banshee Heretic
H2 Banshee Mod
H2 Chaingun 360z
H2 Dino (broken\unfinished)
H2 Fire Scorpion
H2 Fire Warthog
H2 Ghost Damaged
H2 Gravity Ghost
H2 Longsword
H2 Manatee (broken\unfinished)
H2 Minigun
H2 Needler Ghost
H2 Revenant
H2 Rocket Warthog
H2 Scorpion Campaign
H2 Scorpion Damaged
H2 Spectre Damaged
H2 Spectre Mod
H2 Speed Ghost
H2 Spook
H2 Warthog Damaged
H2 Warthog Mod
H2 Warthog Troop
H2 Warthog Troop Damaged (glitchy)
H2 Warthog Trooper
H2 Weapon Ghost
H2 Weapon Wraith (broken\unfinished)
H2 Wraith Campaign
H2 Wraith Damaged

Ball aka Flying Bubble Shield




Posted Image



Baltic Beazt





Kills Alone



Skiddy 632

Slaters Fury


Super PolarBear






Credits also go to Bungie, CMT, Grimdoomer, H3MT, Jahrain, Kornman00, FireScythe and the Random Spartan,
thats you, unless you play as an Elite, in which case; GFY :)

All those involved with ADI, BlueStreak, Alteration, Ascension and Entity

MonstrMoose and company for providing a supportive community, host and beta testers

Visit us: MonstrMoose.com

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