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[Map] Contagion

Marines -vs- teh Flood v2

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 06:30 AM

Posted Image
__________________Containment protocols and fail safes no longer active,__________________
__________________this valley has become over-run by the flood once again.________________
__________________Can you stop the spread of the infectious Contagion?!__________________

Author: ________T Beezie
Preview: _______Teaser Trailer
Base map: ______Containment

______Serenity Patches
Version #1: ______ http://www.mediafire...v54eotykibeqgg6
Version #2: ______ http://www.mediafire...63v4x9wamavthdl
______SPPF Patches
Version #1: ______ http://www.mediafire...33xpgq19pwaiejd
Version #2: ______ http://www.mediafire...udwyo9aq2rbrl1k

_____Map Mods
_____Version #1______
_____(Most stable)________

- Map completely re-skinned, custom shaders, textures, and bumpmaps

- New sky, edited skybox model

- Custom fog

- Added trees

- Added new [scen] and [decr] placements throughout the map

- Placed "man-cannons" at each base for quicker access to the battlefield

- Flood Meteorites!

- A.I. added (Marines, Infection forms, Flood combat forms, and fire-breathing Quadwings!)
((Marines = Yellow Team / Flood = Purple Team))

- A total of 17 scripts compiled and added to the map, governing A.I. respawns and A.I. "wave control"
_____Version #2_____
_____(Flood Apocalypse)________

- Contains everything mentioned above plus...

- The A.I. spawn count has been slightly increased

- A.I. "chain-spawning"
(in this version, when a marine biped dies, he is re-animated as a flood combat form.
Upon re-animation, the biped will change it's form as well as it's team affiliation.
When a flood combat form is killed, it spawns three infection forms, which hunt for the
next victim and start the cycle all over. The wave spawning scripts will keep the number
of marines at a constant, while the number of flood is ever-growing. This process may
seem to start out kinda slow, but in a matter of minutes the map will fill up, kill them as
quickly as possible. I have yet to see the map reach the point of freezing, but it will eventually
start to lag and overload. And some bipeds may begin to "loose their awareness" now and again when
the A.I. count eventually gets high enough.)

--> Must be running the Yelo Trainer to enable AI <--

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

_____Bugs and Glitches_____
- When you kill a Quadwing, the body would fall to the ground and stay there forever,and this would eventually clutter up the map.
I had to compensate this by making the birds almost invincible, takes ALOT of damage to kill one.

- Unfortunately the A.I. has "forced" movement via [jmad] edits. I realize that this is a dirty way to make them move, but the way that I have edited the animations is
different than most [jmad] edited A.I. that I have previously released. Sorry, no "zones" this time.. They actually move quite smoothly, although they still tend to wander and get stuck at times.
Which is why I incorporated the "wave spawner" scripts, this keeps them from wandering too much, at random intervals the script will kill individual squads, and spawn them anew.

- Infection forms, for some reason, don't seem to mix with vehicles very well. For example, if you're driving a Warthog, and if you get swarmed by infection forms,
the Warthog will delete itself, and you will be instantly respawned... Strange.

- Unfortunately after many many attempts to make this map SLC, I have failed miserably. The map had come a long way before I got the chance to finally test SLC, then it was too late.
I have tried fixing sooo many things in hopes that I could bring the MP aspect back into the map, and I have yet to find what went wrong. The map is way haxzored, so I feel it's time
to just "let it go".


-Kornman who found the key to unlocking AI in MP in the xbe

-Soldier of Lite for his awesome script tools

-tjc2k4 for Insolence

-Iron Forge for Serenity

-farklem for DotHalo

-xbox7887 for Yelo

- DeToX for his Xbox Raw Screenshot Deswizzler

- XZodia for his 1337 plugins

- Anthony & Poke for H2G & H2C
and all who have participated in the development of Entity
I hope you guys like this mod for Containment, it's been sitting on the shelf for a looong time. I finally got a chance to release it so I couldn't resist.
Sorry if it seems like a haxed up mess, but I began this mod way back in 2007. Halo modding has come a long way, many new tools and techniques
have been developed since then, many that weren't at my disposal at that time. So instead of rebuilding the entire map,
I figured I would attempt to polish it up a bit, and just release the darn thing. Hope you guys like it...

Enjoy! :D

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Posted 20 October 2012 - 06:22 AM

Looks pretty sweet! Great work!

#3 User is offline   TBeezie 

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 05:11 PM

Thanks Chad!
Good to see you're still around, doesn't seem to be very many H2 modders left in the world...
I've been gone far too long.. I really do miss the good ole' days.

#4 User is offline   iBotPeaches 

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Posted 25 October 2012 - 05:30 PM

Wow. 2 names I haven't seen in a long time.

Nice map :P

#5 User is offline   Woovie 

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 04:58 PM

Oh god what year is it ? You might make me go mod my 360 or buy an Xbox 1 to play some Halo 2 mods. Great to see some people are still out there doing work.

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