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Eschaton: Increase AI Spawns in SP Map

TUT for Increasing AI spawns with Eschaton

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 05:14 AM

Before you load the map with Eschaton you must first uncompress it
with HHT (Thanks, Wholfe for answer). Then close .map & exit HHT.
Load Eschaton and go to "Open" to choose Uncompressed map that you
want to edit.

Ok, I found this to do this more easily for myself,Increase AI Spawns I did this first:
Go to "File" and click on "Preferences." Go to where it says
"Meta Editor Style" and click on "Classic Controls." This made it
a lot easier to do the following for me:

01. Load "scnr: Scenario"

02. Click on "Meta Editor" tab

03. Click on "Reflexives"

04. Click on "encounters"

05. Click "encounters 01"

06. Click encounters 01 "Reflexives"

07. Click "squads"

08. Click "squads 1"

09. Click "Int16s"

10. Click "normal diff count." & on the right below "Offset:"
(not next to it), Type in the number you want as spawn number.
PRESS ENTER after each time you edit each spawn number. (or it
won't save!)

11. Repeat Step 10 for "insane diff count."

12. Next, close the [-]boxes next to the Int16s, squads 1.

13. If there's more "squads" under encounters 01, repeat Steps 7-11
for the next squads under "encounters 01."

14. Go to "encounters 02" and repeat Steps 07-10. Remember to always
press ENTER each time you edit the spawn number.

15. Close [-]Reflexives.

16. Go to "File" and click on "Close Window."

17. Load "Halo Hacking Tools (HHT)"

18. Click on "File" and click "Open" to choose the map you just edited
with Eschaton.

19. Go to "Tools" and click on "Compress." type in a temporary name
for your compressed map and click "Ok"

20. This may take a while.

21. Done! Go to "File" again and "Close" then "Exit."

22. Transfer over your Modified map to your Xbox and Test it. But
remember to rename your map as the original map that the Game
requires to load it and backup your unmodded one.

23. Test the Map. But, make sure you cleared cache first.

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