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I suppose I owe you guys a thank you.

Remember me?

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Posted 13 June 2014 - 06:55 AM

Hey guys, I don't know if any of you guys remember me or not...I was active here for a little bit about three years ago. My name is Blitzburnz4. My modding name is hELLO mOTTO. My gamertag that I had was Urbanking39fa. Before I start my little rant here, I wanted to first say thank you for a few things. First of all, I wanted to first thank the people in this thread who helped me decide to get a gaming computer from way back when.


It's unfortunate that it would take another two years to get that computer, but the decision had been made in no small part thanks to this site and those on modhalo. So thank you all. Ultimately, it would be my tech-savvy older brother would help me get a powerful computer because I fail to understand the hardware at all. I understand some things. For example, my brother explained concepts such as crossfiring and basic components such as video cards, RAM, and what their basic functions are...But the details and specifics of everything are still way beyond me. Nevertheless, having a powerful gaming computer is something I have gotten immense pleasure out of. It's really quite amazing, and I've never regretted it. I can get the specs from my brother if anyone is interested in, but honestly that is beside the point. I've been living a simple albeit enjoyable teenage life, and for a few hours a day my computer helps me escape it- giving me great entertainment in the meantime. For those hours of stress-free time; I have you all to thank. (So thank you again!)

Anyways, on to some exciting discussion that, though many of you may think me stupid for asking, I feel must be asked due to the amount of nostalgic memory I have of my Halo 3 modding days.

The other day during Microsoft's E3 most of us heard the amazing news that there would be a Master Chief collection featuring Halos 1-4 and a beta for 5, and how it would not be coming to PC. That and the news that Bungie's new game, Destiny, would not be coming to PC either. This got me thinking of what the possible implications could be in regards once again to the Halo 2/3/4 and console modding scene and the possibility of a revitalization of it in the near future. What do you guys think? Do you think it's possible, given the community has access to the right tools and that gamers can have access to enough content that there could be a resurgence in the community?

On a side note, I should be honest. I'm very envious of many of the modders here. The most I could do was Hex edit usermaps on Halo 3 built on forge and modded afterwards. Basically, I was a one-trick pony. Once Halo 3 modding was gone my modding career was over. I didn't have a gaming computer, and my Xbox 360 RROD'ed so I sold everything and that was it. I had used an XSATA, a cord, and a Hex Editor. Beyond that, I closely followed youtube videos. In terms of technological achievement: it was nothing. I don't understand code, nor do I understand many of the complex programming and infrastructure which other have built that allowed me to so conveniently mod my maps. I have no illusions of grandeur; I know I was spoonfed. This has made me very daunted by the prospect of attempting Halo PC, Halo 2 PC, or Halo: Custom Edition modding. (Or .map mod modding, for that matter.)

Take what you guys want from my little romantic ideals, but I did want to leave one little present for you guys - a list of maps I had posted on Modhalo which are still available for download if anyone wants or is able to play them or check them out. If there's interest here, I could also try to create a new, special re-post for Halo Mods, or "map pack" if you will. Let me know.

Here's the list.

Fileshare: http://halo.bungie.n...r=urbanking39fa

Modded Map #1: Momzo Terror


Modded Map #-1: Infectzo


Modded Map #2: Rising Eagles


Modded Map #3: B-4 Infection


Modded Map #4: B-4 Zombie Gorge and Zombie Gorgerz


Modded Map #5: Hidd3n 001 (Gametype) & Unknown


Modded Map #6: B-4 Killzone M


There are a couple bonus maps as well.

I helped playtest a map called Whirlpool and it's gametype Get Dizzy with a cool modder called I AM TNT. He made a newer version of it and let me host it on my fileshare. It's a great map and is a ton of fun. Here is the original link


Then there's also B-4 Combat Zone (Top Left Download) and B-4 Test Zone, (Middle Right Download.) I really wanted to mod the first one to be a pirate-ship styled battle map. The latter was supposed to be an MLG-styled map that featured a couple cool little mods to make it interesting. These two maps I ultimately planned to be my last and final "dual" mod pack that I describe in my bio that never came to fruition. (Which would have brought the number of modded maps I worked on to ten.) The first map, B-4 Test Zone, was a labor of love that I considered my best map I had made in terms of pure composition and time. It had taken me 15-20 hours yet was unmoddable because I could not create more units. The second map, B-4 Combat Zone I think was meant to be a pirate/boarding action that died when I realized I wasn't good at molding/glitching objects together, and if I couldn't make a legit ship I decided it wouldn't be worth it.

One last thing. I hope you guys don't judge me for this or perceive me to be sneaking behind your backs, but I will be discussing this same topic with two other modding websites. I don't know if you guys frown upon this, so I apologize in advance. I already posted one such topic on Modhalo, for those interested. Naturally, my post is a little bit more sentimental because I was a member of that website for a number of years. I also plan on also saying hello to opencarnage.net, which I hear has many former modhalo people are still active.

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