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Halo Online Server Emulation Project

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Posted 31 March 2015 - 12:40 AM

In case you haven't seen, a new Halo for PC was announced called Halo Online. It is being made by Saber Interactive who helped with the Master Chief Collection and Halo: Anniversary. A few issues:
1. So far the only known country for release is Russia
2. It's free to play with a cash shop

Obviously, we don't want this. I'd rather pay full price (60USD) for a full game release than to deal with this. In the past 5 days, a few things have happened. A multiplayer client was found on Saber's servers and leaked. This client is not suppose to be public and had some extra functionality in it that may have not been made for release. Thanks to this leak, we have started a team to reverse engineer this client and make our own server emulator. This server emulator will allow us to play the game not on a Russian server and play without F2P cash shop crap. If you have interest in this project, join us on IRC!

irc.gamesurge.net #eldorito

Note that El Dorito is primarily just the initial project, we may end up with the multiplayer having a separate project. The github is below.


The current state of the project is we can get the client to load maps with no gamemode defined. Reversing a lot of the game client so we can hopefully start working on a server emulator. A major issue is that the Russian beta has not started so we have no way to sniff any data. It's purely a guessing game at the moment until we can truly analyze what the client is looking for.

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