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Welcome To Off Topic

A few rules and notes

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  Posted 04 May 2011 - 12:57 AM

In order to Keep It Clean, we've employed the use of topic prefixes for a couple of our forums, including Off Topic. At present, Off Topic has the following prefixes:
  • OT_OffTopic: Just means that the thread is generally off topic and doesn't represent any specific "genre" of off topic posting. Generally, this refers to news and events.
  • OT_Tech: If a thread is in anyway related to the "Technological age", this is the prefix to use. This includes computers, electronics, games, etc. If it's something that would blow the minds of some 50's hipster, chances are it's a Tech thread.
  • OT_Debate: Debatable threads are just that, threads which spark open arguments. Typically, this includes politically charged news which users will have many different views on. Be warned, this threads are considered "serious business".

You can filter the Off Topic forum (or any forum with prefixes enabled) based on these prefixes by clicking on a thread with the respective prefix. Yeah, I know, it's pretty awesome. vBulletin sucks donkey butt, IPS reins supreme.

As with the entire forum, which is governed by these Guidelines (link also available at all times up in the top right corner of your screen), we take trolling, flaming, etc seriously. It has no place here. If you're that kind of user, go ahead and proceed to GTFO.

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