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  1. In Topic: This site. This community.

    29 December 2013 - 07:55 AM

    You know... you know why I keep comeing back to this thread. This. ONE. Thread.

    Its not because of all the "new-old" faces that KEEP poping into it like DaRealLogan, Corvette19, Kibito87, Chromega, AFuzzySquirrel, ThatGuyWhoBeatTheHorse, & destroyer69! Its not becuase it reminds me that this shit is close to (if not) 10 FREEKEN years ago! Its not even because of some other required third thing.

    No . . . its becuse its a reminder that bunch of crazy, misguided, confused, angst filled whoisit-whatits ... ARE... Like ... *This CLOSE* to singing Kumbaya out of some shared bond of total nostalgia . Its magic. Posted Image

    Freekin' Kids!

    Also I like reading my posts. My posts are GOLD! I can still laugh at them because I -of course- understand what I say, and watch in wonder as everyone just blinks at me. Though I think a few of them (a few of them?) don't translate well because the context is lost, so it just seems like I'm being particularly aggressive, piercing, or just nonsensical when such isn't at all in intent. In fact, most of my "speaking" is done in a right good mood for just about all (95%?) of my posts, but I suppose that's the learning process for ya. Its why in part why I can speak as well as I can now - it gave cause for me to be asking questions. I did what I did because - in my deep struggle of myself I knew I needed to. The fun I had along the way was just a bonus. I have no regrets.

    I did what I had to do to better myself. (Now I can do the same for others.)

    This place; Its just a monument to my sins. How fitting for the grave. Got to love the poetry in that.

    Oh ... and Have a Happy New Year. I guess... We'll see. We'll see. Posted Image


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